Docker and Docker Compose Installation Guide on Arch Linux


  • Once upon a time, I was trying to install Docker and Docker Compose on my Arch Linux machine. At the time I was using Manjaro, but I think the installation process is the same for Arch Linux-based distros and Manjaro. So I decided to write this article to help me remember how to install Docker and Docker Compose on Arch Linux.
  • Luckily now Docker supports Docker desktop for Linux, so the installation process is much easier than before.


  • Just need to follow the official guide here.
  • Small note: I don’t use GNOME, so please note this Prerequisite to install gnome-terminal before installing docker:
sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal
  • Before I need to install docker and docker-compose separately, but now I just need to install Docker Desktop for Linux and it will install both Docker and Docker Compose for me.


  • After installing Docker Desktop for Linux, I can launch Docker Desktop from the application menu.
  • Alternatively, open a terminal and run the following command:
systemctl --user start docker-desktop
  • Check version of Docker and Docker Compose:
$ docker --version
$ docker compose version # now compose is added to subcommand of docker
  • To enable Docker Desktop to start on login, run:
systemctl --user enable docker-desktop



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By hn1Do@ht-0n3z3Roo11e, 2023-10-07